Greetings to all human beings! My name is Nick Mavrakis and what follows is a brief introduction about myself.

It all begun on the year 2000 when I was accepted as an undergraduate student at the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens (Greece) for a degree of Electronic Engineer. I completed the course in 4 years (that was a tough one!).

Next came my postgraduate studies at the School of Engineering and Design of Brunel University (London) for the degree of M.S Data Communication Systems. Nowadays, this course is discountinued. I completed the course in 1 year (a tough one too!).

After that I joined as a member, the research team of the REWIND project which focused on one of the most important concepts in wireless network infrastructure (WiMAX relay based beta network).

Meanwhile, the curiosity and passion were growing about the Web and the application architecture. First, I started with a dead-simple-hello-world PHP web page with some ultra-basic CSS rules (JS? what's that?) but soon realized that this was not the language for me. One day a friend of mine told me about a course on edx.org that was about to start. Boom! Instantly fell in love with this snake called Python. Not poisonous, just strong constriction.

As a hobbist, I am building websites with deadlines using the Django Web framework and, of course, keep myself informed about new techniques, tricks, technologies, concepts, strategies in the Web world.

What we must do after we learn, we just learn by doing. Aristotle (384–322 BC)