How to create a website using Pelican and Netlify (January 2021)

Posted on Fri 01 January 2021 in python, website • Tagged with python, pelican, netlify

How to properly set Pelican, Github and Netlify for a static generated website in minutes.

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Django, Axios and CSRF token

Posted on Sat 18 April 2020 in django • Tagged with python, django, csrf

How to properly set Django and axios library to work together with CSRF protection.

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A tour on Python Packaging

Posted on Thu 08 November 2018 in packaging • Tagged with python, package, PyPI

The current state of packaging a Python library (not a Python application).

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Leaving Webfaction

Posted on Tue 17 July 2018 in Thoughts • Tagged with webfaction

Why I left the (excellent) Webfaction shared hosting service and just "moved on".

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How python's import machinery works

Posted on Mon 22 January 2018 in python • Tagged with import

Have you ever wondered what happens under the hood when you type import my_package.my_module? This article enlightens some of the (pretty) complicated aspects of the python import machinery.

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Webfaction LetsEncrypt Django

Posted on Sat 31 December 2016 in Https • Tagged with python, django, webfaction, letsencrypt

Hosting you Django project on Webfaction is easy. Did you know that converting your website from HTTP to HTTPS, using LetsEncrypt is, also, easy too? Extra bonus: it's free of charge!

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Django custom sitemap (updated 2018)

Posted on Tue 27 December 2016 in Django • Tagged with python, sitemap, google

Build a sitemap (xml file) for multi-regional and multilingual websites using Django's builtin Sitemap framework.

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Django admin template structure

Posted on Sun 16 October 2016 in Django • Tagged with python, django-admin, django-admin templates

Today we will see how template inheritance works inside the Django admin contribution package

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